MinutePhysics meets Lord of the Rings 

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Learn and try to balance.

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Watch and learn how we detect exoplanets.

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Should you take the bet?

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Henry explains the shape of stars.

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A collaboration with RadioLab

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Thanks to Max Tegmark for writing & narrating this video.

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This cool trick allows you to see without glasses.

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This has nothing to do with physics, but I thought it was important so I made a video about it: uprisings in Venezuela. 

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Is relativity relative?

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Explanation of a NEW DISCOVERY about the Big Bang!

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How do Modern Light Bulbs Work?

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Why winter has the best full moons.

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When we say Mt. Everest is 8850m tall, how do we know what sea level would be beneath the mountain? 

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Henry looks at 6 ways to Time Travel.

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A look at diamagnetism and levitation.

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Magnets are amazingly strong... but there's a very easy way to destroy them. All you need to know is a little bit about ferromagnetism, paramagnetism, and temperature!

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Why do they attract and repel at long distances? Is it magic? No... it's quantum mechanics, and a bit more.

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Where Was The Big Bang?

There is no centre of the universe!

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Did the Universe have a beginning?

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When the universe expands... do we expand with it?

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Is it in the Arctic Ocean? In Canada? Russia?

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Another awesome thing the Mantis Shrimp does...

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A look at what it means for something to be hot or cold.

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Why the Order of Operations is WRONG

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 Henry shares a simple rule for solving tricky mathematical problems.

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A look at the mind-boggling many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

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Are there parallel universes?

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Using a YouTube video to describe the size of the Universe.

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It has NO EDGE. And NO CENTER... or does it?

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When we say the Universe, what do we really mean?

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The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

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p = mv is not quite true

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How do we know the Earth is round?

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A look at how to stay dryest in the rain.

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Is there poop on the moon?

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What if you thought the earth was flat? And then you found out it isn't?

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Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked by the Templeton Foundation to answer the question "Does the Universe Have a Purpose". Then he read his answer aloud and I drew some pictures for it.

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In this quantum world, what does it mean to touch something?
Do we really hover above the chairs we're sitting in?

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Dear Mr. President....

Direct download: Open_Letter_to_the_President-_Physics_Education.mp4
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Einstein didn't like quantum mechanics because it wasn't able to make perfect predictions... but science is not about what you like, it's about what's true!

Direct download: Can_we_predict_everything.mp4
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You've heard of E=mc²... but you probably haven't heard the whole story.

Direct download: Emc2_is_Incomplete.mp4
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Featuring Neil Turok

Direct download: The_Origin_of_Quantum_Mechanics_feat._Neil_Turok.mp4
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What was the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics given for? Capturing a single photon of light!

Direct download: 2012_Nobel_Prize_-_How_Do_We_See_Light.mp4
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How do magnets attract each other from a distance? How does the sun heat us from millions of miles away?

Direct download: Real_World_Telekinesis_feat._Neil_Turok.mp4
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Have you ever wondered why you look up and see a dark sky at night?

Direct download: Why_is_it_Dark_at_Night.mp4
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What is a sport? Do arbitrary and technophobic rules matter?

Direct download: Is_Racewalking_a_Sport.mp4
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Sit back, relax and enjoy the evolution of the Universe.

Direct download: AMAZING_Simulation_of_the_Evolution_of_the_Universe.mp4
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MinutePhysic's take on the Millennium Simulation

Direct download: How_to_Simulate_the_Universe_on_your_Laptop.mp4
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What if there were a tunnel through the middle of the earth and you jumped in?

Direct download: What_if_the_Earth_were_Hollow.mp4
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Who's faster over 10 meters - the fastest sprinter in the world, or gravity?

Direct download: Usain_Bolt_vs._Gravity.mp4
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Which is the most intense Olympic throwing event? Shot put? Hammer? Discus? Javelin?

Direct download: The_Most_Burly_Hurls.mp4
Category:science & medicine -- posted at: 7:57pm EST

How do you know when you've "discovered" a particle?

Direct download: Higgs_Boson_Part_III-_How_to_Discover_a_Particle.mp4
Category:science & medicine -- posted at: 10:51pm EST

What is mass and what does it have to do with the Higgs Boson?

Direct download: The_Higgs_Boson_Part_II-_What_is_Mass_1.mp4
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The Higgs Boson. What more need be said?

Direct download: The_Higgs_Boson_Part_I.mp4
Category:science & medicine -- posted at: 5:31pm EST

My open letter to the universe.

Direct download: Open_Letter_to_the_Universe.mp4
Category:science & medicine -- posted at: 2:18am EST

Where does all the stuff in the universe come from?

Direct download: Picture_of_the_Big_Bang_a.k.a._Oldest_Light_in_the_Universe.mp4
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Prove πR² using only beads and a ruler!

Direct download: Proof_Without_Words-_The_Circle.mp4
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In which we explain economic equilibrium, how to make money from nothing, and every fundamental force in physics.

Direct download: Every_Force_in_Nature_Theory_of_Everything_Part_III.mp4
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"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities" - Hazel Grace Lancaster, in "The Fault in Our Stars," by John Green 

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If gravity is so attractive, why doesn't the earth just crash into the sun? Or the moon into the earth? The answer: Stable Orbits

Direct download: Why_the_solar_system_can_exist.mp4
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Ye Olde Debunking

Have you ever wondered where "Ye Olde" spelling comes from? Today we unravel this thorny linguistic issue.

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Category:general -- posted at: 3:52am EST

Just because there are four dimensions doesn't mean there's a "fourth dimension".

Direct download: There_is_no_Fourth_dimension.mp4
Category:science & medicine -- posted at: 7:09pm EST

The moon may be 1.3 light-seconds away, but why on earth do we measure distances using time?

Direct download: How_far_is_a_second.mp4
Category:science & medicine -- posted at: 10:39pm EST

How Einstein (& others) discovered Special Relativity.

Direct download: Einstein_and_The_Special_Theory_of_Relativity.mp4
Category:science & medicine -- posted at: 9:00am EST

How do we know atoms exist? And just how big are they?

Direct download: Albert_Einstein-_The_Size_and_Existence_of_Atoms.mp4
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